Friday, 1 October 2010

Welcome October

I love October, not only because it's my birthday month , but for the freshness and mist of the early mornings and dreaming nights, reading by the fire feeling cozy and warm and brisk walks in the woods hand in hand. Have a beautiful start of the month! xoxo

Source: images via this is glamorous

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  1. Just spent the last hour (naughty) in the take me away section.....I feel spirited away!
    With today's weather it is so uplifting to escape for a while, in beautiful places and picturing myself there with my family. I particularly love the villa in mexico. I could just see my baby crawling around on the lawn with my 4 year old in tow.....and my husband and I lapping up the lush warm weather while feeding each other the best canapes mexico has to offer!

    Note to self. Must book flight at once! the October spread..look forward to your upcoming inspirations.

    will be sharing this blog with friends soon...for now it is just mine!



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