Thursday, 30 September 2010

This week I am loving - Beautiful Mirrors

This week my obsession is with beautiful mirrors. A statement mirror can transform a room from dull to spectacular. They reflect light, making the space more open and bigger. Whether venetian, ornamental, rococo or antique I love them all. Which one is your favourite one?   

Source: image 1 via mi casa es su casa images 2 to 8 via my ideal home , image 9 via habitually chic


  1. Hi Miranda..........I truly wish I could could be teleported to the room with the 6 small wall mirors..I can see it now, me lounging in a comfy white number....a nice cup of tea in hand. and a magazine. I could sit in that corner for hours reading, writing in my journal or chatting to friends and family far and beyond.

    I love visiting your are clearly one very classy lady. I don't often have the time to lust over the many beautiful things but I will certainly make this my weekly indulgence. keep up the great work. I look forward to your next installment with baited breahte!

    Chelsea Art Designs

  2. Thanks Chelsea. It's great to hear comments like yours. It gives me the motivation and inspiration to do more and better!



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