Tuesday, 2 October 2012

Kids Lunchbox Inspiration

Lately I have been so uninspired when it comes to doing my son's lunchbox, so I decided to get some inspiration, and voila I came across this brilliant website with gorgeous ideas to keep the little ones and us smiling. Aren't these great?

Also check out the sheknows.com website, there are lots of more brilliant ideas and suggestions for healthy and creative bento boxes and lunch options.

Source: Image via Studio tout petit


  1. such cool ideas..............would have to wake up with the birds to prepare them for my 2 girls but hey...a mothers love holds no boundaries.

    1. It's great isn't' it! And surprisingly easy and quick too. And the good things is that since I started doing these my boy eats all of his lunch.
      But I have to say that there is lots of left over bread from using the shapes. What I do is breadcrumbs with the left overs and freeze them for when I need them there is always some.



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