Tuesday, 24 January 2012

Cinnamon Buns and Watching the Rain Fall

Today I woke up fancying Cinnamon Buns for some reason. I guess it is because is raining outside. Love watching the rain fall, so tranquil and calm. Have been also meditating and listening to a rather soothing sound by Paul Collier

Anyway, on the subject of food, I remember coming across this recipe a while back from the beautiful Sweetapolita. I have tried it before and have to admit they are one of the best Cinnamon Buns I ever tasted. So with no more delay, mines are coming out of the oven now and I am going to get stuck in. If you want to try this recipe too go here. You won't be disappointed. Have a beautiful rainy Tuesday. xoxo

Source: Images via Sweetapolita

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